Heating Services for Albuquerque New Mexico

  • Furnace repair/troubleshooting.

  • Furnace seasonal change-overs (includes carbon monoxide testing).

  • Furnace replacement/installation.

  • Duct design/Load Calculations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average life of a furnace?

The average live of a furnace is about 20 years. If your unit is around this age it may be more cost effective to have it replaced than repaired. Costly repairs can add up quickly when working on an older unit.

What happens if New Mexico Gas red tags a gas appliance?

New Mexico Gas is responsible for the gas line up to the meter. Anything after the meter is the responsibility of the homeowner, including appliances. We can check your gas appliances for any code violations. Depending on your situation the problem may be corrected with a repair. Some situations require replacement of the appliance in question.

What is a 2 stage furnace and what are the benefits?

Load calculations are used to determine the size of a furnace needed to heat your home. They take into account square footage, home construction and the weather conditions of the area. Furnaces are usually sized with the coldest days of the year to keep up with. With New Mexico’s mild weather full furnace capacity is not always necessary.​ 2 stage furnaces start in a low stage of heat that uses less gas and electricity. During mild weather conditions, this low operating stage cuts down on utility costs. On days where the demand for heat is greater, the furnace will operate at full capacity.